Texen is a leading provider of product solutions for the Luxury & Beauty market (make-up, skincare, fragrance & spirits).
Beginning of 2016, Texen has acquired Topline Products and extended its service offering from packaging to finished products
(Full Service) and accessories (including inhouse brushes).

Texen channels talent to bring inspiration to life, transforming matter into branded masterpieces, combining confidence and energy.
Texen innovation is sensitive, efficient and strong.
A partner of choice in an industry where creativity is at a premium, Texen harnesses the world's most high tech solutions to create packaging with high emotional appeal.

logo Texen
logo Texen

Texen Lab and the impulse to innovate

Luxury and beauty products are all about exploring new emotional territory. And their packaging seeks to elicit new visual and sensory experiences. At Texen, our design teams leverage their engineering acumen and cutting edge technology—including a special multi-process press, vacuum metallization unit, and more—to work for and with our customers. Our developers work side by side with designers and suppliers in each project, from pre-project to product launch, in a co-creative approach to production. By giving shape to dreams, we help spark desires.

High technology for high emotion